That’s a Wrap!


19 Jun That’s a Wrap!

We recently had the good fortune to collaborate with AARP Driver Safety on an e-learning seminar called We Need to Talk. The course is designed to help people navigate sensitive conversations with older drivers. Here’s the official description from the AARP website:

The free We Need to Talk seminar offers practical tips and advice on the meaning of driving, observing driving skills, planning conversations, and finding transportation alternatives. Based on information created jointly by The Hartford and MIT AgeLab. 

You can sign up for it here, free of charge!

The e-learning includes 16 live action videos, voiceover, animation, interactive questions, and worksheets.

For the live action videos, we worked with an amazing cast and crew, led by director David Hambridge. (David’s documentary, Kifaru, is winning top prizes on the festival circuit).

Overall, the shoot was a wonderful experience, and we hope our work makes a positive impact. Check out the photos below!

Upper left: David Hambridge, Upper right: Andrew Harrison Brown, Lower left: Jesse Paddock and Vanessa Simoes, Lower right: Andrew Harrison Brown and Amir Sadeghi


Upper left: Audition day! Upper right: The Jones family with actors Arnold Coleman, Bob Thomas, Juanda Holley, Veneé Porter, Lower left: The Lee family with actors Elizabeth Clemente, Pat Palmer, Miranda Miller, Doug Schuetz, Lower right: The Rivera family with actors Tim Ross, Juan Ibanes, Vanessa Simoes, Rosie Stumpf.

Here I am with Bonnie Melton. (bonnie on the left, me on the right). Bonnie wrote the scripts.

Bonnie Melton, who wrote the scripts, and me.


David and Juan recording some voiceover.

David and Juan recording some voiceover.


Arnold and Bob seen through the monitor.

Arnold and Bob on the monitor.


Shooting the Jones family.

David and Jesse shooting the Jones family as Arnold prepares to make his entrance.


Shooting a scene with Juanda and Veneé

Andrew shooting a scene starring Juanda and Veneé.


David explaining a scene to Veneé

David walking Veneé through the action of a scene.


Shooting a scene with Vanessa and Juan

Amir and Andrew capturing a scene with Vanessa and Juan.





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