Spring Clean with These Tech Tools and Life Hacks


27 Mar Spring Clean with These Tech Tools and Life Hacks

There’s nothing like the newness of spring to rev up your inner neat freak. As winter fades, spring is a great time of renewal, not just for the earth, but also for you and your belongings. This spring, avoid all the heavy lifting with these smart tech devices and life hacks.


Digital Storage

  • Mail can wreak havoc on your home in just days. Junk mail, bills, and paperwork take up quite a bit of space and pile up easily. If you have mail that you need to save or just are not sure you’re ready to throw away, store your mail digitally. As the mail comes in, you can scan it, file it appropriately and immediately shred the paper copy.
  • Tax returns are a necessary evil. You must keep tax returns as well as all the related paperwork. Many people rely on file cabinets to save these over the years, but there’s a better way. Simply scan all of the paperwork related to your taxes and file them digitally on your computer.
  • You no longer need several bookcases to store your favorite novels and non-fiction. Using apps like Kindle, you can store these books online and enjoy them at just the touch of a button.
  • Photos provide happy memories and the chance to reminisce on the many adventures and holidays of the past. But instead of buying and filling photo albums, you can store your photos in digital albums and share them on your monitor when family and friends come over. Just don’t forget to backup your photos.
  • With all the great music in the world, cds and more can mushroom and overflow very easily. But now with apps like Amazon Music and Pandora, you can store your music digitally and access it from most anywhere.
  • Love the news, but hate newspaper clutter? Love magazines, but don’t want racks littered all around your home? Subscribe to your favorite news and magazines online. Not only does it free up space in your home, but online news and magazines allow you to run searches to find that old article you misplaced or do research on a current event quickly and easily.
  • If you’re like me, you love a list. This means I can gather sticky notes galore around my desk and on counter tops. Get rid of all those stickies with apps like Evernote. You can keep track of your to-do lists and reminders without the clutter.

Cord Ties and Organizers

With so many electronics cluttering homes, cords can become not just a hazard but an eye sore. Clean up the clutter caused by your cords with ties and organizers. You can hide them away to clear up space on and around your desk.


Robotic Sweepers, Mops, and Vacuums

With just the push of a button, you can clean floors and carpets using robotic devices. They assess the area in need of cleaning and slowly and methodically go over every square inch. This provides a truly deep clean that eliminates hidden dust bunnies and clears dirt from crevices.

Handy Helper Apps

Do you need the gutters cleaned, the garage organized or the walls repainted? Use apps like Task Rabbit to find a safe and reliable neighbor with the skills you need. You can ask for estimates and read reviews before committing to a deal.

Dishwasher Duty

Go ahead and throw it all in the dishwasher. Light fixtures with sticky dust particles, stove hoods covered in greasy grime, and so much more can get a new shine with the dishwasher.

Tub Time

If you have large items to clean that just won’t easily fit in the sink, use the bathtub. It is great for soaking blinds, oven racks, and other large metal or plastic items.

Natural Products

Vinegar is a great natural product to clean nearly anything in your home without resorting to toxic chemicals. You can even use it to steam clean the microwave.

Start Today!

Get started with your spring cleaning—the easy way!




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