Turnkey Learning Experiences that are Empowering, Engaging and Fun

Curriculum Development

Livetech conceptualizes and develops content that educates and entertains participants through three primary types of delivery methods:


Quick-hit experiential 'edutainment' opportunities that cater towards large crowds at events (fairs, festivals, conferences, sporting events, etc.) to generate leads, start conversations and drive traffic to workshops and eLearning.


Deep-dive learning experiences in a group environment that offer in-person training to increase participant comfort with devices, apps, and other services.


Self-directed online learning experiences that allow us to reach a broader audience with our trainings while giving workshop and pop-up participants the opportunity go deeper into subject matter at their own pace.

Event Production

Livetech produces over 3,000 experiential learning events each year that require a unique suite of customized services to ensure success. Those services include:

Venue Management

Utilizes national, regional and local partners including community centers, libraries, fairs, festivals, and hotels to host any type of event.

Design and Production

Produces all communications, collateral, production assets, and signage to stage events; also manages all inventory and logistics.


Builds staff teams trained in educating and inspiring older adults; currently in 34 primary markets serving over 70 national markets nationwide.

Data Collection

Focuses on the collection of contact information and other market-rich data for clients and partners to use in continuing conversations.

Technology Management

Includes the setup and staging of all devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, routers, etc.) with applications and software updates as needed.

Software Development

Creates engagement mechanisms, data collection tools, training assessments, surveys, digital games, event reporting, and inventory control.


Ensures staff delivery is consistent in all markets through ongoing assessments, instructor evaluations, in-person training, eLearning, video recordings and internal/client visits.

Event Reporting

Provides detailed accounts of each event to review successes, challenges, and allow for the continued optimization of future programming.