Kicksend – Creating Lasting Memories


27 Apr Kicksend – Creating Lasting Memories

There is no arguing that digital photography has revolutionized the way we take pictures. No longer do we have to spend the time and effort developing a role of film in order to discover and experience our pictures. Cameras are now with us everywhere, in our pocket and purse. And taking a photo from our smartphone and tablet is easy and effortless. Yet there is one drawback to this digital photography revolution. The pictures that we capture on our smartphone and tablet often times remain digitally archived – out of the reach and sight for others to enjoy.

Gone are the days of scrapbooking and creating photo albums. We seem to miss and long for the tactile experience of holding and experiencing a photo in our hands. Sure there are ways to create “coffee table” style photo books from your digital photos, which can be an excellent idea. Yet you still may want to be able to have, hold and curate those important photos that you can share with your family and friends.

No longer do your photos need to be stuck on your phone or tablet. You can automatically send your photos to your favorite store for developing  – to have ready to pick up at your convenience.

The APP, Kicksend, makes this possible. Kicksend is a free APP and available Apple and Android devices. Kicksend allows you to pick your favorite or closest photo developer (e.g. CVS, Walmart, Target or Walgreens) and then upload your photos from your device, sending them to the store. The process is easy and simple to do and you’ll be automatically notified when the job is done, often times within the hour.

In addition, Kicksend allows you to crop the digital photo, choose the size of the print, and the quantity. You’ll see the price before you order and you’ll pay for the prints upon pickup.

It is worth mentioning that Kicksend will also allow you to order prints by mail and send them to a family member or friend as well as provide digital sharing of your photos too.

Kicksend is easily and effortlessly helping us to once again appreciate the beauty of having, enjoying and displaying printed photos.


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