How The Internet of Things is Ushering in an Exciting, Programmable World  


19 Sep How The Internet of Things is Ushering in an Exciting, Programmable World  

The Internet of Things

The Internet was created by people, for people and is one of the most crucial, transformative technologies in world history. Through the Internet, mass global interactions have occurred in trade, ideas, and culture.

The Internet of People changed the world—by connecting people.

The Internet of Things (IoTs) is ushering in a radically new era—by connecting things.

IoTs literally remove the middle man—people—so that things can communicate directly with things. Yes, things are talking to things, and human intervention is no longer required.


On a small scale, just imagine heading into your home after a refreshing run and immediately feeling the air conditioning power up in response to your open sweat glands. Or imagine waking in the middle of the night to an alert on your smartwatch urging you to take two aspirin because the smartwatch heart rate monitor is reading indicators of an impending heart attack.

Similarly, consider for a moment why communication between these devices might be amazing:

  • Coffee pots that chat with alarm clocks
  • Doors that communicate with camera security systems
  • Cars that are connected to other cars

How it Works

Anything with an on/off switch can be connected to the Internet through an embedded sensor and programmed to communicate with other things. You see, through IoTs, physical objects create a simulated living, breathing infrastructure. These intelligent devices mirror a human nervous system in their capacity to make parts interact in fluid form. As such, things take orders from other things to create a natural, healthy hierarchy through simple “If This Then That” (IFTTT) programming.

How it Helps

This innovation is a boon for humans since it will result in

  • Less Time to get things done
  • Fewer Steps to complete a task
  • Fewer Mistakes when human memory or knowledge inevitably and occasionally fails

Why It’s Popular

IoTs save lives and money in ways we no longer must merely imagine. Think about how beneficial it would be if an insulin monitor not only provided data regarding blood sugar levels, but also adjusted medications accordingly. Think about a GPS that not only navigated you to a restaurant, but also provided on-time updates about table availability and placed your party on the waiting list. The true genius is in the censors within things that connect them to each other.

Here are a few reasons why IoTs are not just helpful, but also incredibly desirable:

  • Super low cost
  • Accessible production materials
  • Easy implementation

What’s Next?

From the way you make purchases to how you monitor your health and even operate your home, everything is connecting. And on a larger scale, whether councilman are building efficiencies in city irrigation systems or giving residents real-time information on impending earthquakes, IoTs create the common language devices need to communicate with each other—encouraging automation in nearly every field.

As of today, around 10 billion IoTs exist. That number is targeted to skyrocket to 80 billion by 2025.

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