Is it a Charity or Is It a Scam? Watch now.

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16 Jul Is it a Charity or Is It a Scam? Watch now.

Livetech partnered with AARP Fraud Watch Network to develop an e-learning on modern-day charity scams. The e-learning is under two minutes and integrates animation, voice-over, and helpful tips to highlight this very important issue.

According to the government site, ScamWatch, in the first three months of 2019, scams accounted for a nearly 26-million-dollar loss, and that number continues to climb.

With generous consumers giving 410 billion to charitable organizations in 2017 and increasing that number by 5.2% annually, scammers use increasingly sophisticated methods to trick them, so awareness is paramount (Charity Navigator 2019).

Watch the video now to learn how charity scams work, along with important steps you should take to avoid becoming a victim.

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