Changing Lives.

09 Jun Changing Lives.

Many people are surprised when they discover the depth of planning and organization that goes into designing and implementing a national learning program.  The work we do is driven by our passion to help adults to stay connected to the people and passions in their lives through technology. However, on a typical day, our team has back-to-back conference calls, gets stuck in excel spreadsheets, and spends hours analyzing survey data.  Sometimes we forget the impact the program is having on the lives of our workshop attendees until we hear a story about someone’s life that has been empowered by the program.

We received this note from an AARP staff member whose Grandfather attended an AARP TEK Intro to Tablets Workshop:

“My grandfather attended and was absolutely elated about it—which, if you knew him, you’d know that’s not a normal reaction for him! He’s 85 and lives alone. He doesn’t have internet, despite my constant prodding. He’d never used a tablet before. I bought him a RealPad for Christmas and he hasn’t picked it up once. When he saw that you were offering this class in his neighborhood, he decided to give it a try.

By the time he got home from the class he couldn’t put his RealPad down! He now wants to put Internet into his home, which I think will really help reduce his isolation and allow him to follow the lives of his grandchildren more regularly.  He raved about the one-to-one support you all gave, and noted that the stylus that you provided made the use of the tablet much easier. Your team made him feel comfortable and engaged. I can’t thank you enough.

The event that you held will undoubtedly change my grandfather’s life for the better. I’m really proud to be working for an organization that can do that!”

I think I’ll print this one out, hang it on the wall, and glance up at it next time I can’t get a formula to carry through on an excel document.

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